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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November Episode Written Update- Ishita plan to catch blackmailer

Mihika and Ishita go to Mihir’s house. They fear why Mihika is getting blackmailed. Just then, the blackmailer calls and demands 50 lakhs in exchange of the CCTV footage and the pictures of Mihir and Mihika. Mihir agrees and tells him that the money will be arranged by the evening.

Today is Diwali and Shagun has plans to attend a card party at the club. She refuses to spend time with Pihu at home, she tells Pihu that you are now a big girl and you should burn crackers alone.


Mihir promises Mihika to arrange money for the blackmailer. But he is not able to take out cash from his bank account due to Diwali holiday at the banks. He feels so helpless that he plans to steal the money from Raman’s office. Raman is waiting for Ishita and Mihika as they all have to go to the office for Diwali pooja.

Pihu is sitting alone in the park. She is upset as nobody is there to celebrate Diwali with her. Just then, Adi and Ruhi come with sweets and crackers to enjoy the festival with Pihu. They make her feel that she is part of the family. Mihir is in Raman’s office. He tries to take out money from Raman’s locker as he needs to pay it to the blackmailer. Ruhi sees him stealing money from the locker.

Ishita’s mind that Kunal is the blackmailer as Ishita was mistakenly calling her sister from Kunal’s mobile. Ishita decides to catch Kunal red handed, therefore she asks Mihika to go to Raman and tells him that Ishita has some emergency work at the clinic.