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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th Dec Episode Written Update- Rama Ishita get up Santa Claus Christmas Party

Ishita is concerned for Ruhi as she is alone in the party hall. She asks Raman to be in the party to protect Ruhi. Raman says that this way blackmailer will get cautious. Ishita advises him to change his get-up and enter the party. Raman agrees. Mihika and Aaliya are siting in a lounge bar. Aaliya is still puzzled about Adi. Mihika asks Aaliya to enjoy. They mistakenly drink alcohol in the bar.

Raman and Ishita enter the Christmas party in the get-up of Santa Claus and a clown respectively. Raman goes near Ruhi and indicates that he is around and Ruhi should not worry. Ishita too comes to her and greets her. Abhishek, who is sitting outside in the police van, has cameras everywhere. He gets worried seeing Raman and Ishita there, he prays that nothing will go wrong. Sohail also comes to the party and gets surprised to see Ruhi there.


Mihika and Aaliya are drunk and start dancing in the pub. The pub manager calls Romi to handle them. Romi and Adi find them in such a state that they are scared to take them home. Adi refuses to take Aaliya to the Bhalla house. But, Romi tells him to take both the ladies to their house, otherwise Mani will think that they made Aaliya drink.

Abhishek and Raman go to the party organisers to get the details of the blackmailer. Abhishek asks others to go back to the police station. Ruhi doesn’t want to go there so Ishita asks Sohail to take care of her and she leaves with the police team.