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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th Dec 2016 Episode: Written Update Blackmailer ask Ruhi to meet alone

The episode starts with lawyer telling Ishita that Shagun is getting divorce from Mani. Shagun wants to hide it from Ishita so she makes an excuse and sends her lawyer back. Raman comes and asks about the housekeeper’s call. Shagun gets a call from the housekeeper who confirms that the electrician was present in Shagun’s bathroom when Ruhi changed her clothes. She tells them that she can provide the CCTV footage of the electrician. She also reveals that the electrician was an Indian. When Ruhi hears that, she gets horrified. Just then, she gets a call from the blackmailer.

Ruhi’s phone is being tapped by the cyber cell police and they ask Ruhi to talk to the blackmailer for long so that they can track his location. The blackmailer asks her to meet him alone and demands Rs 12 lakh. The police is not able to trace his exact location, but they come to know that he called from a church. The cyber cell immediately sends its search team to the church.


On the other hand, Toshi and Madhavi are busy in searching a groom for Simmi. They find Gaurav’s profile on the matrimonial site, but they are disappointed when they read about his hobbies and lifestyle which is quite opposite to Simmi. Toshi gets worried for Simmi.

Aaliya gets more confused and scared about marriage after hearing tales of Bhalla family from Mr. Bhalla. Mihika suggests her to take the help of Toshi, as she is a senior woman and she must be having a better understanding of the family, especially men of the family. Toshi shares her good and bad experiences with her. Aaliya starts complaining about Adi and other men of the family. She says that she is very confused about them. Toshi asks her to take a rest and come again to meet her. Aaliya and Mihika plan to go to some club to discuss this matter further.

Here Romi is counselling Adi and there Mihika is counselling Aaliya about the disadvantages of the married life. Romi tells Adi not to say sorry to your wife ever otherwise she will be more dominating and will never respect you. Mihika tells Aaliya that after being a housewife, she has lost her spark, her independence and it is very difficult to live with a person like Romi. She says like Romi, Adi will also change and Aaliya will only get the responsibilities post marriage.

Ruhi reaches the hotel where a Christmas party is going on. Abhishek has put Ruhi on call, he asks Ruhi to be brave and try to identify the blackmailer. He tells her that she is safe as few policemen are present at the party in civil dress.