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Watch Suma on Memu Sathiam Episode at 9 PM on Gemini TV- 25th June Memu Saitham Suma Episode

Memu Saitham aims to get stars to do commoners’ jobs to raise money for those in need. So far Rana Daggubati, Akkineni Akhil, Regina Cassandra,Tapsee, Rakul Preet Singh, Mohan babu and Srikanth participated in the initiative and donated they money earned to the needy after multiplying it by 100. It is a TV show that helps the common man, who struggle to achieve their dreams with an undying spirit. The show features some young actors doing odd jobs and donating the money earned to the poor.


As part of the show, Suma turned hairdresser and she recently shot for the show for a day in Hyderabad. The actress had been promoting her upcoming movie few days ago and soon after that Suma shot for Memu Saitham before she joined the sets of her upcoming movie. The episode is going to be aired on TV soon.

Memu Saitham is all set to roll on Gemini TV in March and Lakshmi, as much as she is excited, is also understandably a bundle of nerves about the show. It’s going to be a series of 26 mini-documentaries. So, the idea is to bring 26 celebrities onboard and that requires a lot of co-ordination because they are out in the public. Every time we come across people, who have lost all hope in life, we have to do a rigorous background check to verify the facts and I am hoping that once the show goes on air, we can reach out to more such people in future