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Watch Splitsvilla 9 Second Episode today at 7 PM on MTV- 18th June MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode

As the ninth season of MTV’s popular reality show ‘Splitsvilla‘ began with a bang, it is time for the girls to rule the boys.¬†Six princesses and 15 celebrity boys will battle through love, friendship and betrayal to win the throne. The episode began with the contestants knowing each other well by talking about their likes and dislikes. The boys were shocked to know that they were not allowed to dump any of the girls.

Also, a new twist was no king ruling the Villa. This came as a shock for the celebrity boys leaving them speechless. 3 boys are in the danger zone this week and who gets to stay in the Villa will be chosen by the girls. The fun part will come when the girls would have to kiss the boys if he is chosen or smash whipped cream on their faces if rejected. Hosted by super stunning Sunny Leone and handome Rannvijay Singh, ‘Splitsvilla’ is a favourite amongst the youth.


After all the splits villains had got to know each other, the princesses were asked to select the guys for the safe zone. For making their decision in the very first meet, they took a hell of the time to pick the right guys from the bunch of 15. The real fun will begin as the show proceeds. As per the information available, the girls are going to rule the villa and the show as well. They will dominate the boys.

We hope that the show will entertain the viewers like the previous seasons did else only the hosts Sunny and Ranvijay will be left entertaining the audiences this season.