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Watch: Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12th today at 7 PM on MTV- 13th August Splitsvilla 9 Episode

The 12th episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 was not that exciting for the contestants as well as for fiery queen Martina Thariyan like the previous ones. The situation was tensed as the boys from the strong group especially Varun and Gurmeet were in the danger zone. Nothing could be predicted as today the dumping ground will have one more queen who claims to be evil and it is none other than Rajnandini. The evil queen had already warned everyone that she is going to take revenge and enjoy all her power.


Before heading to the dumping ground, boys got a chance to on date with a queen of their choice and convince her to save him. Varun goes on date with his connection Martina and Gurmeet decides to go with Rajnandini as he knew her terms with his connection Kavya wasn’t smooth and chances of him to get dumped was higherRajnandini without hesitating even a bit tells Gurmeet that she wants his connection Kavya to plead in front of everyone if he wants to continue his journey in the villa.


Rajnandini was there on the throne to take revenge and she dumped Varun. This blew Nick’s mind and he threatened Rajnandini for making that decision. It was an emotional moment. But all Martina wanted was the page of the Book of Fortune to be turned as she didn’t want Varun to go. In the today episode, another task will happen for the Queen’s throne and also two handsome hunks would be entering the show with some amazing powers. Stay tuned and keep watching MTV Splitsvilla 9 – Where Women Rule.