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Watch Splitsvilla 9 6th Episode today at 7 PM- 3rd July MTV Splitsvilla 9 Task Episode

MTV Splitsvilla is back with yet new season and this time it is manly focused on women empowerment which can be seen clearly by the number of girls present in this season of splitsvilla. MTV Splitsvilla is hosted by the youth icon Ranvijay along with beautiful Sunny Leone. There are only 6 girls in this season of Splitsvilla and the number of boys were 15 in the starting but now the only boys are getting eliminated in every episode of Splitsvilla.


As this season is more and more about the girls that’s why in last episode of Splitsvilla stunning and bold host Sunny Leone performed a dance number and it was especially for the boys. Two Contestants Archie and Karan joined the Sunny Leone on the stage which make the other contestants jealous. Episode 3 showed that Martina is the first queen of the Splitsvilla after winning the Queen bee task.


But as we all know, the throne never remains authority to one forever and the rular changes from time to time and throne queen can be challange by other any time. Thus happened in the last episode (4) the Splitsvilla. By Sunny Leone Dance it was clear that the next task is going to be somewhere related to the dance. And the same thing happened. All the women of the villa were to compete each other with their dance performances for the throne. The Winner had the probable chance to be the next Queen.

But its not all about the fun, is it? Later there was the Gladiator task for the boys in which they had the chance to win the throne for their girls. Each girl started selecting the boys and later it was the Dangal Pit task. Boys were to win the Golden Bracelet for their girl. After the Semi Final rounds Kavya and Rajnandini were the Finalists. Gurmeet played for the Kavya in Karan for Rahnandini in the Dangal Pit. Both boys performed very well in the Dangal pit and finally Gurmeet won making Kavya to win the Golden Bracelet. Now Kavya is one step closer to be the next queen.