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Watch Splitsvilla 9 3rd Episode today at 7 PM on MTV- Splitsvilla 9 First Dumping Epsiode

The Indian adaptation of the dating reality tv show witnessed a grand opening. It was like just an introduction to the show and the contestants and a little bit changed rules and regulations. Splitsvilla season 9 has got the title Women Rule and as usual, it airs on Saturdays at 7 pm on MTV India.

In the Episode 3 of Splitsvilla season 9, there will be the very first dumping ground session in which each has to save two boys and as a result three will be left out for the elimination round and sent in the dumping zone. Thus, it will become a lot more interesting to watch who gets eliminated and who eliminates whom. Out of those three, only one will be called back in the villa.


The three boys left in the dumping zone are namely Abhishek, Anuranjan, and Akhil. It is more of suspense to see who gets the opportunity to get back with the rest of the saved contestants and play further. Let’s see who are the two boys to be eliminated tonight. The first task of the show MTV Splitsvilla will be considered in the second episode. The three boys in the danger zone will be required to do the challenging task, and the winner will rejoin all the contestants back in the villa and safe.

They will be required to complete the task within the given time. The one who completes the task within the time and at first will be called back in the villa. Later on, all the saved contestants will be seen enjoying the pool party where all the boys and girls will enjoy their time. They discussed their likeness and interests among themselves.

However, as you know, not a single episode completes without any argument and/or a fight. Each episode becomes a blend of romance, argument, jealousy, trust, betrayal and emotions. After the pool party, the contestant got engaged in disputes among them. One of the queens, Martina held Harshit Tomar for bitching all the girls. With the course of the time, a little argument turned into a big and quirky fight using words.