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Watch Splitsvilla 9 30th July Episode on MTV at 7 PM- Splitsvilla 9 Ranvijay beat Nick Episode

Last episode started with a shocking announcement. Announcement was one of three princesses, Princess Shreeradhe, Princess Isha and Princess Kavya had to give up their Golden Bracket. And if the princesses will not be able to choose among them self then the power will go to boys. And ultimately the power was in boys’ hands. And finally boys chose Shreeradhe and she had to give up her Golden Bracelet. And Shreeradhe’s Bracelet was given to Princess Isha.

Next was the fun game named hashtag Smashtag. In this game host will give name a hashtag and princess will decide on whom that hashtag suits and also break an egg on that princess’s head. Everyone had so much fun. After the fun task it was announced that this episode will be the first one in which girls will go to the dumping zone. Isha and Kavya got the maximum votes and was saved from the dumping zone. And Shreeradhe, Rajnandini and Mayuri went straight to the dumping zone.


Shree Radhey has to left the villa as she had the most votes against her and give up her golden Bracelet but wait! Another twist is she is back. Wanna know how? Read further, This is the wild card entry time and Shree Radhe already made her entry to the Villa back through the wild card entry power pack episode. This is the time to relish the sweet and spicy treat as the show follows the theme ‘ Where the Woman rule’ It would be exciting to see Mia in this season. And this time, there would be two wild card entries as the promos suggested.