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Watch Splitsvilla 9 24th Sep Episode, Ex Splitsvillans back- MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 18, Bumping Jone

After all the heated argument that happened in the last episode especially Archie getting dumped by bold queen Kavya, things were not so cool in the villa. The one who was left heartbroken was none other than evil queen Rajnandini. It was clear that the lady will not remain calm after all that happened and she will surely take revenge from the strongest group in the villa and that is Martina-Varun-Gurmeet-Kavya.

The other princess who will support Rajnandini in such things would be princess Shreeradhe because queen Kavya had dumped even Shree’s connection Karan Chabbra. But one thing that Kavya forgot that her actions could affect her connection Gurmeet because let’s not forget that what goes around, comes around.


Shreeradhe and Karan Khanna become the target, even Martina and Gurmeet get bajaoed but the one who wasn’t spared at all in the villa during that session was princess Shreeradhe. Since Shree was one the who got bajaoed the most she gets an advantage in the next task. In the next task which is the task to challenge the queens, Shree gets the power to give any princess a disadvantage.

In the upcoming episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 you will see how Rajnandini is on fire with whatever she had to go through and there is something more interesting happening. All the evicted contestants will be joining the Splitsvillains in the dumping ground. So, whether things will favour Rajnandini or Kavya that we’ll get to know in the next episode.