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Watch: Splitsvilla 9 20th August Episode at 7 PM- MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13 battle between Queen & Princess

In the Last Episode of Sunny-Rannvijay’s Show MTV Splitsvilla 9 we have seen the Entry of two new Wild Card Contestants and now again it’s time to lose two more boys contestants in Dumping Ground. Yeah, It’s going to be the Elimination of two boys contestants and good connection going to break.


New Queen Kavya Khurana and Existing queen Rajnandinni has the Power to eliminate the one-one boys from the dumping ground. Now Kavya started Playing game very seriously as she don’t want competition. She Targeted Strong Contender Varun Sood who had connection with Past queen Martina. It Seems Varun sood is the one of the boy eliminated by Kavya Khurana.


Now in today’s episode of Splitsvilla 9, we will see what new there lies in Splitsvilla 9 when Kavya is the New Second Queen. With Nick saved, Evil Queen will try to hurt Martina and Kavya, Whereas we believe Kavya will target Archie to teach Rajnandini a lesson. It is going to be fun to watch Kavya vs Rajnandini on the Throne. but we never know what happen as there lies something unpredictable in Splitsvilla 9.