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Watch: Splitsvilla 9 1st October Episode on 7 PM- MTV Splitsvilla Episode 19 ex-Splitsvillains, Fights

After all that happened in the last episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9, the three people who were totally chilled out were – evil queen Rajnandini, Nikhil and Mia. And the four Splitsvillains who are considered strongest in the villa were stressed out as things were not in their favour. We are talking about bold queen Kavya, her connection Gurmeet and her besties princess Martina and warrior Varun.


Varun couldn’t take part in the last task as none of the girls paired up with him and Varun-Martina had lost the task and that way all the three were straight in the dumping ground due to which pressure was all on bold queen Kavya. Now since things were not in Kavya’s favour, she had no option but plead to her rival queen Rajnandini who is all set to take revenge because her connection Archie was dumped by Kavya.

Rajnandini’s decision was clear, thing go upside down in the dumping ground and this was the last time Splitsvillains will be standing in the dumping ground. Mia and Nikhil were sitting on the safe side and the others who were in the danger zone were Gurmeet, Martina, Varun, Shreeradhe, Karan Khanna, Isha and Abhishek. The Splitsvillains who survives this dumping ground will be in finale.


The Book Of Fortune finally decides to mend some hearts in its final chapter. The book said if Kavya reverses her last dumping ground’s decision then not just her wish of getting back Gurmeet in the villa will be fulfilled but even Rajnandini can get back the person she wants in the villa. And that way Archie makes his way back in the villa and Gurmeet continues his journey in the villa. It is just Karan Khanna who will be going home.

But still the villa manages to give some or the other surprise to the contestants. Hosts of the show Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha bring back all the ex-Splitsvillains in the dumping ground. And what drama is going to happen next, we’ll get to see in the next episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9. For more updates, stay tuned to this page.