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Watch Shaadi Boys web series Episode on Voot, Youtube & Hotstar- Shaadi Boys Trailer Online

The Shaadi Boys are finally here and it is a treat to watch all three men with entirely different traits working together with lies and hopes. All of which is done for a big fat Punjabi wedding.

A show full of girls, booze and much more to surprise the viewers. The Shaadi Boys has all that the fans of Bang Bajaa Baraat wanted to see. Neil, Nitin and Mukesh, who couldn’t see luck smiling at them in Bollywood come together to cover a wedding as a choreographer, cinematographer and a writer.


Writer by profession, Neil is the most intriguing character who meets the bride-to-be Rhea aka Bebo on the first day itself, while Nitin and Mukesh are amazed to see his progress. The rest comes as a surprise package for you to watch. The writers of Ram Leela – Siddharth and Garima have entered the world of web series with this show. Directed by Shashant Shah, this web-series is set to be the perfect bromance for this season.

Revolving around the lives of three boys, Neil, Nitin and Mukesh, the show revolves around three boys and their hilarious journey during their first break in the Shaadi business. By a stroke of luck, they discover the perfect place to ‘showcase’ their talent, make big bucks and impress girls! The first look of the show created a lot of buzz.