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Watch: Sardar Ji 2 Trailer Online Video on Youtube- Diljit Sardaar Ji 2 Trailer Free Download for PC & Mobile

Diljit Dosanjh fans were waiting for his next movie Sardaar Ji 2. Diljit Dosanjh is back with his new film. In the teaser of the film, Diljit Dosanjh is looking hot and shows off his chiseled body. The trailer of this movie has released now, and anyone can watch Diljit’s new look and his new look.

Monica Gill and Sonam Bajwa are the main leads in this movie and co-star of this film. Rohit Jugrag is the director of this film. This movie is a sequel of Sardaar Ji, and it will be released on 24th June. Most of the time we saw Diljit Dosanjh in a funny Punjabi guy in his movies, but this teaser presents the hot side of Diljit Dosanjh.

The sequel of Sardaar Ji will be more entertaining. Diljit Dosanjh will again shock their fans with his new movie teaser, and everyone is very excited about this film. Rohit Jugrag is the director of his new movie who also directed movies like James, Superstar, Sardaar Ji and the return of Sardaar Ji.


Dijit has much fan following among audience across the globe, his fans are showing immense craze towards Sardaar Ji 2 from the day of its announcement. Their excitement could be easily seen on social media, when its official teaser was released out on 29th of April. The video features the lead star with chiseled body and six pack abs, which obviously boosted the excitement level of fans.

Punjabi audience outside India, shows overwhelmed response from Punjabi films. That is the reason, Sardaar Ji 2 has become much awaited and anticipated Punjabi film of the year. As its prequel, this one is also expected to shatter all previous records of Pollywood.