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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Trailer ft Pawan Kalyan & Kajal Agarwal

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie Sardaar Gabbar Singh Trailer has been released officially which timed about 2 Mins 30 Secs which narrated the entire outline of the film. All the movie unit members were present on the occasion which took place in Novatel at Hitex. The movie trailer revealed the story which describes as the Love story between the Rattanpur posted Police officer Sardaar Gabbar Singh and the same village’s princess the heroine Kajal and the coal mafia leader Bhairav Singh. Sardaar Gabbar Singh Trailer released has shown the richness of the production department. This indicates the quality of work done by the entire film unit. The entire background and the cinematography of the movie is well appreciable. The comedy part is always present in Pawan’s films as usual and the new comedians had been given a chance to prove their talents. SGS has been under shoot for over a year. Kajal Agarwal has been roped in to play the female lead in the movie and she has been showcased as a princess in the movie.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Trailer Live Review & Response

The Villain character is played by Sharad Kelkar. The characterization of this character seems to be cruel and monopolistic nature. Whereas, the female lead role’s character is designed as very smooth and helpless nature. The lead role plays the character of the survivor as well as the queen’s heart winner. Devi Sri Prasad- the music director of the film has given his best tunes possible for the film. His talent was praised by the Mega Star Chiranjeevi particularly. There seemed to be some punch dialogues in the film like “Oye..Peru gurthundigaa..Gabbar Singh..Sardaar Gabbar Singh” which lured the fans and the audience a lot. The film as planned will be released on the scheduled date that is April 8th of 2016 as the summer special. SGS is not a sequel for GS and KS Ravindra (Bobby) has been given the responsibility to direct the film. Bobby made his directorial debut with Power in the past and this is his second project as a director.