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Watch Roadies X4 Finale Episode Today at 7 PM- MTV Roadies X4 Finale Task, Winner Name

The stunt based reality show MTV Roadies X4 has reached to its finale with three contestants from two gangs. The finale of the reality show Roadies X4 will take place on Sunday at 7 p.m. After months of hard work and several vote outs, three contestants have reached the finale stage. Two contestants – Balraj and Gaurav – from television actor Karan Kundra’s gang and Navdeesh from last year’s winner Prince Narula’s gang have made it to the film after performing several tasks.

Balraj and Gaurav are from the gang of TV actor Karan Kundra while Roadies X2 winner 2015 Prince Narula has Navdeesh from his side. All these three have proved their mettle by performing various tasks assigned to them and winning. The three contestants will now have to find the core elements of life – Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Then only, the result of the final battle will decide the winner of Roadies X4 2016.


Karan Kundra, while talking to the reporters, said that he is happy with the performance of the two contestants from his gang who made into the finale. Further, he hoped for the best man to win as the final task will ask them to put their everything. In the meantime, the fans and followers of this reality show took to Twitter to predict their winner of MTV Roadies 2016 X4 season. A majority of them came into the favor of Balraj and Gaurav. Until Sunday night, we all can make the predictions as the real Roadies winner 2016 will be declared then only.

The youth based tv reality show has Ranvijay Singh, Prince, Karan, and Neha Dhupia as the gang leaders. This year, the show had been in the news due to several reasons. One of them was that the Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia walked out of it when VJ Gaelyn made some remarks at her. Another time, it became the headlines when a contestant escaped death. While performing a task, Karishma’s float capsized which resulted in her falling into the river. Gang leader Ranvijay immediately jumped into the river to save the drowning Karishma.