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Watch: Radhika Apte Bold Adult Scene Video in Parched- Surveen Chawla, Radhika Apte Parched Trailer

Radhika Apte is in the news again, because apparently a ‘adult scene’ starring her from an upcoming film called Parched has leaked online and gone viral. Now I’ve never actually watch a Radhika Apte film in the theatre (yes, yes you can gasp about that later), but I’ve come to know her name thanks to the alleged leaks of adult scenes and nude photos.


Last year, it was a nude video of the actress from a short film directed by Anurag Kashyap, and now this year it’s a leaked adult scene. Cue the outrage, the gasp, the sensational headlines with words bold, adult, and nude all being present. And there we were, thinking this is the 21st century, an age where perhaps we’ve finally made our peace with adult in cinema.


Aseem Bajaj, the producer of the film refuted the accusations saying it was a publicity gimmick. He said, The film is in public domain since it was released in France and a few other countries. We were contemplating legal action, but realised that we can’t do anything about it because we don’t know who to name in the complaint. But, this is definitely not a publicity gimmick. If we are getting mileage out of it, good for us. In a way it’s helping creating awareness about the film.