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Watch Orton vs Lesnar SummerSlam 2016 Fight, Result & Winner- Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton Today Match Video, Highlight, Pics

The two men square off and Lesnar smirks. A cagey start comes to an abrupt end as Brock charges at Orton and drives his shoulder repeatedly into his gut. He looks for a German suplex but Orton elbows him and hits a beautiful standing dropkick.

Orton goes for a quick RKO but is blocked, thrown to the mat and suplexed for the first time. Then a second. Suplex City chant the Brooklyn fans ahead of a third following knees in the corner. Corey Graves says Lesnar is decimating Randy and as if to prove his point, Orton falls victim to a fourth and then a fifth German suplex.


The announce team for this cross brand match is Ranallo, JBL and Graves. The best WWE has to offer. There is a sixth suplex. Lesnar is bouncing around. He is enjoying this. The fight spreads outside the ring, where Lesnar tosses Orton around like a rag doll and just smashes him through an announce table. That looked savage.


Orton takes another suplex in the ring and rolls outside. He is being destroyed by Lesnar. Brock sets him up on the next announce table. RKO out of nowhere! The tables have turned. Orton with his patented rope-assisted DDT as Lesnar tries to get back in the ring. The Beast is stunned!

Randy is hearing voices… he calls for the RKO… and hits it! Two-count! God that was close.

Orton is teeing up the punt. Paul Heyman is having a fit at ringside. He runs forward but Lesnar catches him, F5! Kick out! Lesnar assaults Orton with elbow after elbow after elbow and repeated punches. Orton is pouring out blood.


Ranallo: “Turning this into a horror movie at SummerSlam.”

The crowd chant for Goldberg. The referee rings the bell.

Brock Lesnar defeats Randy Orton by TKO. That was brutal.