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Watch: Nikhil Siddhartha, Raj Tarun on Memu Saitham Episode- 17th Sep Memu Saitham Episode

Memu Saitham is a TV show, which helps the common man to achieve their dreams. Tollywood stars Rana Daggubati, Akkineni Akhil, Rakul Preet Singh, Mohan Babu and Taapsee Pannu already did some odd jobs like coolie, sales girl, auto driver and going to donate the money earned by multiplying it with 100 to the poor people. Memu Saitham got great hype public. Now This Satarday Nikhil Siddhartha & Raj Tarun become the part of Manchu Lakshmi’s Memu Saitham TV Program.


Recently appeared in a street while selling road side tea. These photos gone viral then. looking into story, there was a reason behind this, that is Lakshmi Tho Memu Saitham TV Program. Nikhil also took a place to join hands in the Lakshmi tho memu saitham program. He sold tea in a street to earn money and to help poor families with that money.

There will be a huge crowd gathered while the star actors doing service in the streets. Definitely program members should place more security for the celebrities. This was not a common thing that both celebrities will be work as a common man for a day in the streets. There will be a more crowd that we cannot able to stop. Memu Saitham Show all television program telecast on Gemini TV channel Show Memu Saitham 17/9/2016 Episode watch now.