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Watch: Memu Saitham Sudheer Babu Episode, Full Show- 19th Nov Sudheer Babu Memu Saitham Show

Actor Sudheer Babu is going to appear on this week’s episode of Memu Saitham show on Gemini television. To help a father and son duo access better treatment for Blood cancer, the actor worked in a Bakery to raise funds. The entire episode will be aired on November 19 at 9.30 pm.


Actress Lakshmi Manchu, who is coming up with Television show Memu Saitam, was instrumental in conveying the boy’s wish to Sudheer Babu, who met his ailing fan at his residence in Khammam on Tuesday. He also went on to become an auto driver to raise funds for the fan and donated his earnings to Reddy and wished him a speedy recovery.

Earlier Rana, Akhil, Mohan babu, Raviteja, Rakul, Srikanth, Nani etc are participated in the show till working for one day in menial jobs like a labourer, an auto rickshaw driver, mechanic, sales girl, vegetable vendor etc. The celebrities worked for a day and earned some money and also helped out the families personally. Memu Saitham going to be a series of 26 mini-documentaries. So, the idea is to bring 26 celebrities on board and that requires a lot of co-ordination because they are out in the public.