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Watch Memu Saitham Nani Episode at 9 PM on Gemini TV- 11th June Memu Saitham Episode Actor Nani

After making a foray into Telugu Television with her mark of shows, Manchu Lakshmi has now taken a step higher. This time she has chosen not to just cash in with her shows, but to make a little difference. A difference which could be minute in a celebrity’s life but bring a huge difference in a commoner’s life. Inspired from the Hindi show Mission Sapne, Lakshmi has taken the initiative to rope in celebrities and spare their one day’s time to work on behalf of people who have been facing difficulties due to to fateful reasons.

For being the celebrities they are, they don’t need more publicity. Taking their time out and sparing a day is not just giving them an extra income on a given day, but it is giving them a hope on aiming to make their lives better. It is about encouraging them to get on with their lives and support their families and not losing their spirit to for a brighter future.


Actor Nani also put some effort to encourage new innovative program; Lakshmi tho Memu Saitham Show;. He worked as a car mechanic and car washer in a car mechanic shed. He also wanted to help a family by getting oneday income on it. Actor Nani attended the Memu Saitham show with Manchu Lakshmi, he gave his valuable ideas to people who are willing to help poor people like him.

Actors like Nani, very rarely does such type of activities for the people. Nani took this as a social responsibility. Every actor and actress should feel this as their social responsibility.