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Watch Love School 2 3rd Dec Episode at MTV- Love School 2 today episode task, fight & love

MTV Love School season 2 so far has been quite a roller- coaster ride for the couples as well as love professors, Karan and Anusha. Week on week the couples are being tested on various traits to help them strengthen their relationship. This week too couples will be tested on how much do they prioritize their relationships as compared to other aspects – money, career and family.


The couples will be divided into dominating and non- dominating partners and will be asked to perform the task. The dominating partners had to guess the priorities of the non- dominating partners . This task was an eye- opener for the couples as they realized that they did not know their partners too well.

After the task was over many couples had a heated argument, however, one couple, Khemraj and Pasha had an ugly fight. Both Khemraj and Pasha got so furious that they started physically abusing each other.