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Watch: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Sadi Special Episode tonight at 9.30 PM- Sona Dev Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th Sep Episode

Elena keeps teasing Sona about not being able to see Dev. Just when Elena keeps teasing her, Dev texts Sona and asks her to come online immediately. He tells her that he needs to speak to her urgently and he is not well. Turns out he was just missing her. They flirt with each other for a while and hang up. Ishwari is making all the preparations with Radha and Neha. Radha asks Neha what she is gifting Dev for his wedding and Neha’s jaw drops. She keeps probing her about how it could be a prestige issue for Neha if she just gives her an envelope with some money in it.


The haldi ceremony begins in both houses. The ceremony takes place very peacefully and jovially. Bejoy flirts with Asha and Elena walks in on Bejoy applying some haldi on Asha and teases them. Dev is all set in the wedding attire and Ishwari gets overwhelmed looking at him. She blesses him a lifetime of happiness. They talk about whether Sona will wear the lehenga that Ishwari gave or not.

The Bose family is all set to welcome the Dixit family. Bejoy seems pretty disappointed with the baraat and shares his grief with Sourabh and Elena. The welcome the groom and their family with the traditional aarti and put a garland around his neck. Just when they are about to put the garland around Ishwari’s neck, Dadi Bua stops them saying she is a widow and can’t have a garland around her neck. She asks Asha to just hand it over to her. Everybody is stunned and upset to hear this.