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Watch: Kavya Gurmeet surprise Love School 2 couples- 20th Nov Love School 2 Episode, Online Full Video

Love School Season 2’s journey has just about begun for the top 9 couples and the contestants are already in for a big surprise. While the top 9 couples had just stepped into the school of love in a beautiful resort in Jaipur, they were taken by a huge shock where they were introduced to the newest couples who would be contesting with them on the show.

The newest entrants were Splitsvilla 9 winners, Kavya Khurana and Gurmeet Singh Rehal. Kavya and Gurmeet were known as the most steady couple of Splitsvilla and the Love School contestants were taken aback to see the reality TV show couple on the show. What the couples did not know was that Karan and Anusha had sent in Kavya and Gurmeet as undercover couples to act as catalysts in order to gauge the problems between the couples.


On visiting Love School as an undercover couple with Kavya, Gurmeet said, It was really cool to see the shock and amazement on the faces of the couples. Karan and Anusha introduce us to the couples as the newest entrants of Love School and much to their shock, we were the undercover couples. We danced and interacted with the couples. It was a lot of fun