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Watch Kapil Sharma Show Manoj Bajpayee Episode at 9 PM on Sony- 6th August Manoj Bajpayee Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show delivers yet another funny episode but this time the humour’s credit would go to the cast of Bhudia Singh’s Manoj Bajpayee, who were there to promote the film.


It takes a lot of effort and persuasion to actually get the reclusive Manoj Bajpayee on a television show. He is known to be extremely shy of public interactions. What transpired on The Kapil Sharma Show this Saturday was shocking, to say the least. A visibly uncomfortable Manoj Bajpayee walked on to the sets only to be bombarded by the usual cheesy comedy that is inflicted on all guests.


Ali Asgar walked in, dressed like lady as always they do, who did a seduction act on Manoj Bajpayee, heaving bosom, lip-biting and all. The music maestro looked hugely embarrassed and then alarmed as Asgar got more and more aggressive and sexual because, in Asgar’s words, he wanted to quell some of Rahman’s shyness. Things got so heated, Manoj Bajpayee actually had to warn the comedian, “No touching!”


Manoj Bajpayee kept it simple in a white shirt and blue denims and yet looked desirable. He highlighted this otherwise plain look with a pair of bright yellow sneakers, which could easily grab anyone’s attention.