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Watch Kabali Rajinikanth introducing scene Video, Leaked Online- Kabali Rajinikanth Entry Scene Video Online

With just a day left for the grand release of the most-anticipated movie of the year, the makers of Kabali are struck by a shocking revelation that the introduction scene of superstar Rajinikanth in the film has been leaked online. The video clip featuring Rajinikanth is already doing rounds on social media.


From the past couple of hours, Rajinikanth’s introduction scene of Thalaivar is going viral on the social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. This video is of 2 minutes long, where we will be seeing Rajinikanth from the backside, where he is reading a book in the jail, later he will be releasing from jail and changes his costumes and we will now see him completely back with his own style, he looks stunning.

Reportedly, the film had a special screening with actor Rajinikanth in the US yesterday (June 20). Now that the introductory scene has been leaked online, one might ponder if someone present at the screening had allegedly leaked the scene.


It’s not the end of the leaked scene. From there Rajini steps out and instead of signature he puts a thumb impression which shows that Rajini is an illiterate in the film. While the jailer escorts him out of the jail he says, “You’re fortunate to get out instead of being here till you die. Recently, 40 thugs were killed in an encounter. More than 30 were Tamilians. Any Tamilian is now branded a villain.