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In Kabali, Rajinikanth plays a don who fights for equal pay rights for Tamils in Malaysia. Surprisingly, this happened despite Kabali makers getting an injunction from courts that the film is not to be carried online. It was applicable across the board and especially on a number of websites whose names were provided by the Kabali team to authorities. That this was a crucial juncture during which the movie was to be kept totally under wraps is clear from this Rajinikanth starrer Kabali release date is just two days away on Friday, July 22nd the film also has Radhika Apte in the cast as the hero’s love interest.

And, exactly what Rajinikanth has to say about it is still unclear, but with Kabali movie having acquired so much significance for him and Rs 100 crore having been spent on its budget, surely he must be furious as all his attempts to stop the piracy have not borne fruit.


That the piracy happened despite that, points to a far deeper problem than was initially estimated by authorities and the concerned industry. At the moment, efforts are being made to convince fans and other theatre-goers to resist the temptation to get cheap kicks by downloading the movie as it hurts the industry and is against the interests of the iconic actor himself. Rajinikanth has already suffered a back to back setback as his two previous movies had virtually flopped at the box office

Whether this will negatively impact Kabali advance bookings is uncertain as Rajinikanth fans are a disciplined lot and are unlikely to illegally download the movie. But not everyone is as scrupulous. However, overall, this latest move by the pirates will nevertheless have a deleterious effect on the industry, which will increasingly be scared by the prospect of their money being siphoned off by criminals