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Watch: Doctor Gulati, Bumpper on Super Dancer Episode- 12th Nov Children’s Day Special Super Dancer

A 10-year-old deaf-mute little boy will be seen literally having his voice found after an appearance on a reality dancing TV show Super Dancer. He will be having a good time with the director Anurag Basu, the maker of the hit Barfi based on the story of specially challenged people.

The show of Super Dancer is getting high day by day and making everyone fascinate by the performance they show. The show had created much historical and epic performance in its first season. The show gets much success and fame by its amazing plot and unique theme. The show is now turning to the finale episodes.


The show will now go, as per public voting. The show starts with the performance of Yogesh and Vaibhav. They both shows the jungle scene and the story of Mowgli. Their performances are many praised by the judges and they pull up the lever for them. After them, Ditya and Ruel come to perform and show a very energetic performance. Thier performance was full of full and everyone enjoys that a lot. They both gets praised for their performance as well.

Shyam and Siddhant come to perform and they rock the stage with their amazing performance. Their performance is just amazing to see the feature. In the last episode of Dipali, Ditya Yogesh and Siddhant perform for the public voting. In today’s episode, we are going to see the rest 4 contestants to rock the stage.