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Watch: Darr 2.0 Teaser Online, Youtube, Y Flims- Darr 2 Web Series Episodes on Y Films Youtube Channel

Y Films has come up with the Darr 2.0 teaser to make you startled. A gripping teaser that promises some more scare and nerve chilling experiences. Based on the cyber crime theme the movie will be the sequel of 1993 super hit Darr where Shah Rukh played the antagonist and made his mark in Bollywood.


The teaser starts with the happy pictures of girls in various social media and then suddenly we are introduced to the man who looked scary with his clicks that can destroy a life! The teaser has said more that what is showed. Cyber crime is one of newest threat that the young generation is suffering from. Mostly come as the result of a frustrated one sided lover or a stalker, who knowingly and at times being oblivious of the value of his crime brings disaster to the lives of both.

The fifth original Y-Films series, Darr 2.0, is directed by Vikas Chandra, a Sundance Screenwriters Lab Fellow and Associate Creative Producer on YRF’s ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshy’ and produced by Ashish Patil, Head of Y-Films. It has a story by Nikhil Taneja, with screenplay and dialogues written by Shubham Yogi and Taneja.