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Watch Dance Plus 2 Episode 5 at 8 PM on Star Plus- 16th July Dance Plus 2 Episode, Remo, Dharmesh, Punit, Shakti

Remo D’Souza is back with the second season of Dance Plus 2 along with mentor Punit. Shakti and Dharmesh. Dance+ season 2 airs on Star Plus every weekend at 8 pm onward. Let’s no waste time and move quickly to the topic.


In Last episode we saw that, It was the final selection round of Dance Plus 2. As the episode began Remo announced that 5 contestants will perform from each team. And Remo was supposed to select only 2 from each team. So in total Remo chose 6 contestants from total 15 who performed. One by one all the contestants of Mentor Punit’s team performed. All the performances were marvelous and amazing. But as we already know not everybody will be able to go forward. The only 2 who were selected by super judge Remo D’Souza were Shazia and Ming Ma. Shazia and Ming Ma are now in the Top 12.

All the performances were stunning as they performed one by one. As Mentor Shakti’s team had all the good dance artists.So that’s why competition between her team was very high. Piyush Bhagat was first contestant who got standing ovation from the Judges. As well as Remo gave him a Plus right away But as only 2 were supposed to be selected. In today’s episode of Dance Plus 2 12 contestants will performe. So that means today we will get the top 12 contestants from 30 performances who will go forward for competition rounds.