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Watch: Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza, Helen, Bindu Episode- 20th Nov CNBT Full Episode, Online

TV comedy show Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza, hosted by Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh has been grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. Firstly, a major chunk of the A listers of Bollywood ignored the show for the promotions of their films owing to its roast format.


This was followed by Parched actress Tannishtha Chaterjee’s walk out from the show as she felt she was being targeted for her skin colour. Now, more recently, it was John Abraham who stormed out of CNBT after jokes about his previous films.

The numbers that have come on my table today regarding Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza compel me to believe that the viewers have rejected the show outright, and now with the negativity that the show has garnered especially after John Abraham’s refusal to take jokes on himself, it won’t be surprising if Colors decides to pull it off in the next few weeks.

Clearly, Mona Singh & Co’s entry has not helped the show anyway, and its rechristened title Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza looks rather contradictory.