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Watch: #BabaRamdev #Wrestling Video beat #Stadnik Olympic player

Andrey Stadnik might have been the silver medalist in 66kg men’s freestyle wrestling competition at the Beijing Olympics, but he’s no match, and we mean it, no match at all for the saffron-langot and the rash of Patanjali brand beard that are Baba Ramdev’s USPs. Naturally, what’s Ukraine compared to modernised Ancient India that Ramdev has brought to life by the power of yoga-infused wrestling.


As the pretty pale-skinned pawn of a bickersome Ukrainian tribe watched in awe the divine acrobat Swami Baba Sri Sri Si Baba Swami Baba Ramdev standing on his head and tilting the axis of the known universe, he couldn’t have anticipated what would come next.

Yoga guru and god-in-the-shape-of-a-bearded-man displayed, with humility and zero arrogance, his wrestling skills as he went “head-to-head” with the half-a-conqueror of Beijing, in that clash to remember. How the hairless wonder from Ukraine missed growing a beard himself, for the fear of being mistaken for an ISIS combatant on a secret mission to, err, terror-ise India.