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Udta Punjab Movie Leaked Online before release- Watch Udta Punjab Movie Online

The movie has got under the scanner again and this time, the reports claim that some parts of the movie have been leaked online. Some are commenting that a major part of the movie comprising 40 minutes has been released, while others claim that the full movie is available online. Just when Anurag Kashyap and Co is getting ready to release Shahid Kapoor’s Udta Punjab in theatres this Friday, here’s another shocker the filmmakers will have to contend with.

According to a report in, a major portion of the film has been leaked online. On Wednesday afternoon, it emerged that the Abhishek Chaubey directorial which has been in news for the makers’ run-in with the censor board was available on torrent sites for illegal download. However, soon the download links were “removed due to a copyright complaint”, the websites read. There were also reports that the leaked copy had a run-time of two hours 20 minutes.

With the movie shots carrying the “CENSOR” watermark, people are speculating that the Censor Board might be behind it.

To take a peek into the online versions, here are some shots from the movie. Also, notice the timings beneath every shot.

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