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Udta Punjab IMDb, Indiaglitz Review- Udta Punjab Critics Review, Rating & Public Talk

When a film has a ‘rockstar’ as the central protagonist, you expect a cracker of a soundtrack. Moreover, Shahid Kapoor films usually have a good score, and hence one isn’t willing to settle for anything less than excellent in Udta Punjab. Amit Trivedi is the solo composer of the film (which is a rarity in today’s times where multiple composers fill in the soundtrack) while Shellee, Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi & Varun Grover contribute with the lyrics.

Udta Punjab has a shaky start to it but becomes better as it proceeds. Though one waits to see the kind of acceptance that it manages to find in the commercial zone, one has to admit that this experimental score is different and daring for sure.


Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Diljit Dosanj starrer Udta Punjab trailer created a lot of ripples with its intense plot and narration. While it was appreciated by masses, a letter slamming Alia Bhatt for stereotyping Biharis became viral yesterday. The girl who has written the hard hitting letter has ranted that Alia is seen wearing tattered clothes and uses abusive language which is not how Biharis are and behave. Well, while this is a highly debatable issue, the criticism seems to have ruffled the actor’s feathers a little bit.

Alia Bhatt plays a Bihari worker in the film and has surely made an impact on masses with her physical transformation for her role. This seems to be a highly potential film for Alia to show off her spectacular acting skills. Her scenes alongside Shahid in the trailer have surely made an impact on us. What do you think? Watch the movie and let us know if you agree with critics.