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tonight: Bigg Boss 10 Shahrukh Khan Full Episode Online- #SultanMeetsRaeesOnBB10

After surviving in the herculean task for the longest duration to secure a place for himself and for his team in the finale week, Manveer Gurjar will take his revenge on Bani and Rohan. The duo left no stone unturned in Thursday’s episode to torture him. Also, Manoj Punjabi who was troubled seeing his friend suffer, will not spare Bani and Rohan are on the other side in Friday’s episode.

On the day two of the bungee rope task, just like Team Manu, Rohan, Bani and Mona Lisa will be tied to a bungee cord and have to ensure their hands stay on the red mark. As the task begins, Manu and Rohan get into an argument as Rohan claims that there is no such rule that they cannot touch the cord. Manu, on the contrary, tells him that they did perform the task yesterday and are well-versed with all the rules of the task.


Manveer also supports Manu and dismisses Rohan’s comments. Furthermore, Manu and Manveer show no mercy and keep splashing buckets of water on Bani and Rohan’s face in order to distract them. After a while, it gets difficult for both Bani and Rohan to continue with their task and they finally lose their grip on the red mark.

After losing, Bani, Rohan and Mona Lisa get nominated for the coming week. Since Rohan and Mona are already nominated for this week, the one to survive this week will once again have the sword of eviction hanging around his or her neck.