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Thozha First Day Collection- Tamil Nadu, Nizam, Chennai, Hyderabad Collection

Thozha Opening Day Box Office Collection

Karthi’s making his telugu debut with Oopiri, the Tamil version of which is titled Thozha. Featuring Tamannaah as another lead, the film hit theatres today. A remake of the French film, the Intouchables, Thozha is produced by PVP and directed by Vamsi Paidipally.The audience who managed to catch the first show of Thozha can’t sotp raving about it. Thozha Movie is the story based on the millionaire, who is a paralysis patient (Nagarjuna Akkineni) and the bond or a kind of relationship that he shares with a person (Karthik Sivakumar) who lives in the slums.

Karthi will be selected as a caretaker for Nagarjuna. The milky beauty Tamannaah Bhatia plays the role of Nagarjuna’s sister in this movie. The movie revolves around the millionaire, the slumdog personality and the sister of the millionaire. The slum personality reveals the world by taking them outside and shows him the actual theme of life.


Thozha revolves around the characters played by Karthi, an irresponsible man who depends on easy ways to make ends meet and Nagarjuna, a millionaire suffering from a rare condition, which confines him to a wheelchair. Karthi is hired to take care of Nagarjuna. Though he starts off his job without showing any signs of interest towards it, his unconventional way of caretaking impresses Nagarjuna. The two eventually develop an understanding towards each other and over a period of time, become good friends.

The rest of the film revolves around the story behind Nagarjuna’s disability and Karthi’s personal life. Will Karthi be the one to take care of his newly found friend forever or will Nagarjuna find a caretaker for life? Watch Thozha in theatres to unlock the answer. Thozha suffers with its unusually long run time. Indianizing this French drama includes slotting in songs. Unfortunately, songs are thrusted at wrong places, breaking the flow of the movie.