Suriya’s 24 Total Screens Count: 24 Movie Domestic & Overseas Screens

Suriya’s 24 is set for a worldwide release on May 6th. The film is being distributed to theaters in TN by multiple distributors like Studio Green, Jazz Cinemas and Gopuram Films. Now that the issues between Chengalpattu district theatre owners with the Producer Council have been amicably solved, we can expect 24 to have a full-fledged release in Chengalpattu.

The total worldwide screen count is set to be between 2100 to 2200, according to our sources close to the 24 team. This would apparently be Suriya’s biggest release and meanwhile, the film’s advance bookings have already opened in a few theaters.


24 is having good pre-release buzz on social media, as Suriya has very high fan following among South Indian audience. Everyone is excitedly waiting for its release in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & nearby regions Online booking of the movie has partially opened in selected cities of Tamil Nadu and will get started completely everywhere from Wednesday.

The landing cost of 24 Movie would probably be between Rs 65 to 70 crores. It is produced by my 2D Entertainment Company and is being distributed by Eros International and Studio Green. The film is based on time travel but has all the basic Indian sentiments and entertainment packaging. I feel our audiences are looking for something different within the commercial format. The film has got a U certificate and is meant for kids and the family audience like a Disney film. It is the complete summer entertainer.