Shivaay Little Girl Cute Pics or Images- play Ajay Devgn Daughter’s in Shivaay Movie

Ajay Devgn, who has turned producer and director for his film, will be seen playing a role of a father. The Singham actor plays the role of protagonist and a father of a twelve year old. After a long casting to get the perfect child artist for the film, British child actress Abigail Eames has been finalized.

Abigail Eames who is known for her acting in TV series like; Lawless & Harry & Paul’s Story of 2s, & the action-thriller Alleycats, will be playing the role of 12 year old daughter Gaura in the film Shivaay. The little talented girl has also won her accolades in her English television series Doctor Who. Check Abigali Eames Cute Pics or Photos.

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