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Shivaay Dialogues by Ajay Devgan, Na Aadi Na Anth- Wahi Sunye Hai Vahi Ikaai Ajay Devgan Shivaay Dialogue

The trailer of Ajay Devgn’s directorial Shivaay was finally released yesterday. The teaser had already created a huge buzz amongst the audience and now with a 3 minute plus trailer, the Diwali release has been on the top trends. Ajay stands out in the trailer while the two leading ladies do not get much attention. His scenes with child actor Isabel Eames show a warm chemistry between the two who will be seen as father-daughter in the film.


All in all, Shivaay trailer has certainly made us feel the waves, now it really has to drown us into its content to hit bulls eye. Find Shivaay Trailer Dialogues by Ajay Devgan

Na aadi na anth hai uska
Woh sabka na iska uska
Wahi sunye hai vahi ikaai
Jiske bhitar basha shavay

Aankh mund kar dekh raha hai
Sath samay ke khel raha hai
Maha dev maha eka ke
Jiske liye jagat hai chamke
Wahi sunye hai vahi ikaai
Jiske bhitar basha shavay

Ram bhi uska ravan uska
Jeewan uska maran bhi uska
Tandav hai aur dhayan bhi woh hai
Agyani ka gyan bhi woh hai,

Isko kanta lage na kankar
Ran mein rudar gharon mein shankar
Anth yahi sare bighnon ka
Iss bhole ka war bhyankar,