Shahrukh Khan’s FAN Positive & Negative Points- Movie Highlights, Plus Point

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN has already released overseas, or screened for a select audience. And the first reviews of the movie are out. It’s Shah Rukh Khan‘s biggest film after RA.One possibly, and so the entire world is waiting for the FAN movie review. However, with his praise for Shah Rukh Khan, came his two-bit for the director Maneesh Sharma, whom he accused of copying, and even destroying the film in the second half.

Now as Shah Rukh Khan’s true fans, we hope that FAN turns out to be good in the second half, too. We hope it’s not another Dilwale! The Rohit Shetty film had given a promising angle of Kajol being the villain, but messed it up in the second half. Have Maneesh Sharma and producers Yash Raj Films committed the same mistake.


Mr. Khan played duel role in the movie and he is indeed looks like real when he is playing the disillusioned, defective fan Gaurav. While there are sparks of brilliance shown by Khan while playing the Delhi-based fan boy, he goes actually went up to the mark on the several crucial scenes of the movie. So King Khan’s movie Fan will be and is certainly a treat for the fans.

Fan Positive Points

  • SRK delivered a power full performance
  • High buzz, hype, publicity and promotions
  • Actions scenes and stunts scenes are well picturized

Fan Negative Points

  • There are huge expectations from the movie
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s last released Dilwale did not performed as per expectations
  • Accept Jabra Fan other soundtracks are not as catchier


The appearance of King Khan in the movie in different roles and characterizations and the way he lived in both the characters has already gained a lot of compliments which is the major positive for the movie. It will be an eye feast to the audience as the movie reveals the other sides of the stars and the fans. The movie is expected to have some major twists and turns which may turn confusing as to support which one and on whom to show sympathy.

Fan Movie Highlights

  • SRK playing the dual roles as Aryan and Gaurav can be called as the major highlight of the movie.
  • The movie trailers, songs, and videos are said to have broken many records on youtube and social media.
  • The movie is going to hit on more than 5000 screens worldwide with over 4500 screens in the domestic circuit and over 750 screens overseas.
  • The Jabra Fan song that was released on 22nd February has gained huge popularity and is made available in eight regional languages.
  • Fan music is composed by Vishal-Shekhar and the background score is given by Andrea Guerra.
  • FAN is the first ever movie to be shot at the Madame Tussauds in London.

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