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Shahrukh Khan Raees Specs buy Online: Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon & Price

Shah Rukh Khan is looking extremely badass and hot in his Raees look wearing a kurta, kohl-rimmed eyes, beard, moustache, and of course those glasses. Even in the video that released last week, one cannot stop noticing those glasses SRK was holding in his hand. It looks like those spectacles add a meaning to his character and it is incomplete without them. Well, the glasses do play a vital role.


As reported by a portal, an insider informs that at least 50 different options were tried. To get the right glasses for Raees character, different vendors from Bengaluru to China were approached. Those specs really do have a significant role to play in the script. The makers have used them to show the passing of time by changing the frames. Also, King Khan was quite enthusiastic to try these different specs. Now, this news has again added to our excitement for the film.

In Raees, the glasses that Shah Rukh Khan sports have a role to play of their own. An insider informs, “At least 50 options were tried. Vendors from Bengaluru to China were approached to get the right one.

Director Rahul Dholakia was very specific about the glasses to give an edgy look to SRK’s character. The specs are an integral part of the script and we have tried to show the passing of time by changing the frames. SRK was enthusiastic about trying different frames.” Well, obviously…