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Sairat (Marathi) First Day Collection: Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur Collection Report at Box Office

Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat, his second feature film after the National Award winning Fandry, is one of the most hyped films we have seen this year. After the release of its first teaser late last year, the film is constantly in the news. It was screened at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival, songs and the background score composed by Ajay Atul are already popular, the female lead Rinku Rajguru got a nod for her performance in this year’s National Film Awards, and now we finally get to see the film

Sairat is the story of a rich girl Archie (Rinku Rajguru) and poor guy Parshya (Akash Toshar), and how these two people from very different communities and economic background fall in love, and when their families discover their relationship it result in an obvious clash. This is a début project for both lead actors, who take the entire movie on their shoulders and carry it with such great aplomb, that they two become the heroes in every sense of the term.


The role of Archie is so well portrayed by Rinku, and that the innocence coupled with the sharp dialogue delivery makes her every scene stand out. Fandry the director stunned the audience with a superb climax sequence, and he follows a similar approach in Sairat as well. The movie is very fast-paced in the first half, and it seems like the director deliberately executed the second-half to be a bit slow so that the effect of this strong-punch climax is maximum.

This 170-minute movie (or as many people tagged it – the Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak of Marathi) has released across Maharashtra and the rest of India with English subtitles, so even non-native people may enjoy this regional cinematic achievement. Sairat is not an easy film to make or to grasp. While I recommend it, I’d also warn the audience to pause and take a deep breath before passing the judgment, one way or another.