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Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro First Day Collection, Business or Income- Opening Collection at Box Office

Release date is August 12 – for both. And they are killing each other. All it took was a couple of reasonable people sitting around a table to sort out this mess. Two of the biggest, most hyped up movies of 2016 are set to release on the same day and everything, as far as they are concerned, seems to be OK. Kosher. However, as far as industry watchers are concerned, they are just committing an atrocity against each other.

But that is not what the superstars involved or the Rustom and Mohenjo Daro filmmakers are looking at. In fact, it seems they are just too interested in cutting off their nose just to spite their face. Neither has chosen to backtrack away from this date. It seems to have acquired some kind of a religious significance. Seems it is sacrosanct. The date is not a holiday, so it is not really special. But it is still a prime date. Why? Because there are no big rivals anywhere on the horizon. That means whichever movie releases in this period, it would have done very well as long as it was a single release. Competition kills, and good competition ends in a massacre. That is what Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan are aiming at.


Both movies have a Rs 100 crore, some have said they are good enough to go all the way to Rs 200 cr, even Rs 300 cr written all over them. If they release separately on different dates, they have the potential to emerge as fine contenders for the best movies of 2016 title. They could have even hoped to have taken on Salman Khan’s Sultan, which has reached the cusp of the Rs 300 crore mark.

Rustom and Mohenjo Daro collection prediction is concerned, the movies will see qualified success at best. They will make a good start with high double-digit collections in the twenties, and even go through the opening weekend on a high, but as the working week expands into the secong weekend, the box office collections will nosedive precipitously. At the same time, the chance of both the actors chances of entering the Rs 100 crore club is quite good. A lot will depend on what the critics are saying and thereafter what the word-of-mouth is like