Rustom HD Wallpapers, Images & Photos- Akshay Kumar Rustom Unseen Pics, Images & Pictures

The Hindi film fraternity praised the trailer of the forthcoming film Rustom for its thrilling elements and congratulated actor Akshay Kumar for his work and look in it. The over three minute-long trailer shows Akshay clad in a crisp white uniform, sporting a moustache, while actress Ileana D’Cruz, as Akshay’s love interest in the film, shines in bold coloured lipsticks and a vintage look.


While based on the real life story of Commander KM Nanavati and his shooting of his wife Sylaxvia’s lover Prem Ahuja, the trailer of Rustom shows that it explores several other angles that were not part of the original case — and this is where the film’s narrative becomes confusing. Here you can check Rustom Movie HD Wallpapers, Images & Pics

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