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Run Antony First Day Collection- Live Review, Update & Audience Response

Vinay Rajkumar, who made a successful acting debut in Siddhartha, is back with his second outing Run Anthony aka Run Antony. He has collaborated with Raghu Shastry, who has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the Kannada film.

Newcomers Sushmita Joshi and Rukhsar Mir have paired up with Vinay Rajkumar in Run Anthony. Devaraj, Saikumar and many others are in the cast. Manikanth Kadri has scored the music, Manohar Joshi has handled the cinematography and Esham and Haseen Khan have jointly edited the flick. The movie primarily focuses on his actions without projecting him as a victim of circumstances. In short, the film tries to convey that behind every mask, there is a face and behind that face there lies a story.


The story is about a guy, Antony, whose life is running smoothly, everything is on its place – from personal to the professional level but suddenly something goes in the wrong direction and he himself don’t know the point where it all went wrong. Antony is forced to run from everything, he doesn’t know why and where but he keeps running. The entire Police force is behind him to catch him dead or alive but he run to find his own identity.

The whole cast and crew of the movie have worked well in promoting the film. As of now, the movie is getting positive talks for the trailers released and for the music from the Kannada Movie Industry. It is an experimental venture for the hero Vinay Rajkumar who already impressed the audience with his first movie ‘Siddhartha’ as a lover boy. Let us hope that this experiment brings him good response from the critics and the industry. Along with the review, we will also be providing the movie rating on a five point scale