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Roman Reigns vs Rusev Hell in a Cell Fight Result, Winner- WWE Hell in a Cell Roman Reigns Match Video, Photo Pics

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev at WWE Hell in a Cell should be the conclusion to one of Raw’s most lackluster feuds of the year.

Raw ratings have struggled since the brand split, even dropping for the return of Brock Lesnar (who is supposed to be WWE’s biggest draw), and the poorly booked rivalry between Rusev and Reigns epitomizes why Raw has been consistently outperformed by SmackDown over the last several months.


If WWE wants to put the United States Championship back on Rusev, it’s highly doubtful that WWE would ever do so without some sort of controversial finish that protects Reigns in the process. The easiest way to work around that, however, is for Lana to somehow get involved in the match and help Rusev defeat Reigns in cheap fashion.

Reigns has been booked strongly enough throughout his career that one clean loss isn’t going to hurt him while Rusev, who went undefeated for roughly a year after his debut, could undoubtedly get back on track with a career-defining win over Reigns.

It’s extremely unlikely that WWE would do this, but it would incredibly beneficial to the Rusev character, both in the short and long term, if it happened.