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Rojulu Marayi Live Review, Update & Twitter Response- Audience Reaction, Public Talk, Hit or Flop ?

Rojulu Marayi is a new Telugu movie ready to entertain us this Friday. Murali, the debut director, is directing this film while the infamous Maruti has done the screenplay. Parvatheesam, Tejaswi, Chethan and Krithika in the lead roles. It is a love story of two pairs. Parvatheesam and Chethan pair up with Tejaswi and Krithika respectively. From the trailer, it is clear that Parvatheesam will be leading in front with his comedy lines.

Apart from comedy, there is a lot of drama in the second half. The film stands out to be a must watch for this weekend as it is a mixture of all elements. Parvatheesam with his second film RM got another boost with this new role. His first movie, Kerintha which also featured Tejaswi was appreciated by critics and also audiences. In this flick, he isn’t playing a bucolic role as he played in Kerintha. This one looks more sophisticated, but the slang and the concept seem the same.


The idea of love story is the same, but the implementation is something that makes this film a must watch. The first half ultimately belongs to Parvatheesam, and he definitely had stated the audience with his comedy. Though the second half starts a bit sluggish, there comes a lot of twists and turns in the film, which demand the audience to stick to their seats. Music and BGM worked in great sync.

On the whole, the flick is a full entertainer for this weekend. The absence of big films will be a huge factor for this movie. The movie is a youthful comedy entertainer which will attract the youth to the movie. However the story theme of the movie had not been revealed by the makers and we will be updated the story here after the first screening.