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Rama Rama Re Live Review, Rating (3/5) & Public Talk- First Day Box Office Collection Report

Rama Rama Re is the Kollywood movie which is being directed by the Sathya Prakash and the movie is the significance, strength and nuances of human bondages which are inter-related with birth and death of life. As the movie has been released today and the movie had to withstand with the other competitive movies which are successfully running in theatres.

Rama Rama Re is one of the thriller screening movies which is creating a buzz around the Audience that had been released today. The lead cast of the movie is Radha Ramachandra, Keshava Jayaram, Nataraj Bhat. The movie has been directed wonderfully by Sathya Prakash which is a complete philosophy of birth, death, fear, rage, security, fate, destiny and life.


Rama Rama Re movie is all about a road journey based on thrilling experiences of the lead actor. which unveils the significance, strength and nuances of human bondages underneath the philosophy of birth and death, fear and rage, security and insecurity, fate and destiny. It is a story of a convict who escaped from jail on whom police has declared an amount of ten lakh rupees. His escape took him to various places and seeing the lives of different people.

The movie can be worth watching if you like excitement in movies.The movie is a true example of fate and destiny. Also every frame of the flick is wonderful, having lots of visual values. Kannada audience must watch the film to feel the film.