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Rajinikanth Kabali Movie Dialogues: Kabali Punch Line, Dialogues in Tamil & Telugu

The much-awaited teaser of Superstar Rajinikanth’s flick Kabali is out and going viral, creating a new record in cyberspace. Garnering more than 50,000 views within a few minutes, the hashtags #kabaliteaser, #magizhchi, #KabaliDa, #Thalaivar created by the fans are trending nationally on YouTube. With his trademark punch lines and style quotient, Rajini looks truly mesmerising in the gangster film directed by Ranjith.

The teaser opens with the hero emerging in a three-piece suit sporting a white beard with the line Neruppu da playing in the background. The teaser ends with Thalaivar saying Magizhchi. The film has Radhika Apte, Dhanshika, Kalaiyarasan and Dinesh among others in the cast and has music by Santhosh Narayanan.


There is a buzz among his fans that the Kabali teaser could exceed actor Vijay’s recent teaser of Theri, which has crossed one crore views and three lakh likes on YouTube. The superstar has 2.9 million followers on Twitter. Kabali is seen as a crucial film for Rajinikanth as few of his recent films did not do well at the box office as expected. Directed by P Ranjitjh, Santosh Narayanan scores music for the film.

The teaser of Kabali crossed more than 5 Million views in 24 hours, which is highest ever for any Indian movie. The 60-sec video also received 200k+ likes in one day, set new record for all indian videos. Here is the dialogues that utter by Gangster Kabalishwaran.

“Tamil padangal la inga maru vachikutu mesai murikutu lugi katikutu nambiyar Hey Kabali apdi nu sonna odney guniji sollunga Yejaman apdi vandhu nenipaney andha mattri Kabali nu nenachi ah da”

Aama Neenga Yen Gangster Aanenga?

Yaaru da andha Kabali Vara Sollu da