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Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Live Review, Response & Update: First (1st) Day Collection Box Office

Rohith wanted to become a director. So to fulfill his dream, he comes to a city and try for the opportunities. He met Journalist (Isha) and falls in love with her. One day, while going to a Production house, he saw Taarak chasing a man to kill him. Rohith starts shooting this incident in his camera. Tarak observed that and he wanted to kill Rohith too. But luckily, he escaped from that since he covered his face with a cloth. So they did not identify him. A mind game starts between Rohith and Tarak.

After releasing two films Tuntari and Savitri, Nara Rohit is ready with his third film Raja Cheyyi Vesthe. As his two previous films got good response from the audience, Nara Rohit has pinned lot of hopes on this movie. Amidst lot of expectations, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is releasing on April 29th, 2016.


The movie is said to be an action thriller and Pradeep Chilukuri is making his debut as director. The movie completed all the censor formalities and it has been awarded U/A certificate and the run time of the movie is 150 minutes. The theatrical trailer has been stylish and raised the curiosity on the movie. Nara Rohit pinned huge hopes on the movie and he revealed that Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is sure a box-office winner.

Nara Rohit has done sensible films in his career and though he could not score success with his recent outings, the expectations are huge on his latest movie Raja Cheyyi Vesthe. Sai Korrapati who has been named out to be a producer with guts and taste produced the movie. Sai Kartheek’s music is already a massive hit and the theatrical trailer promises from thrilling action episodes in Raja Cheyyi Vesthe. Hence the movie is one of the awaited films releasing during summer.